Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break in Moab, UT & Arches National Park

 This is one of Tessa's favorite parts of a road-trip vacation - unlimited movies on the way there and back.

 Finn bought a rubberband gun as his souvenir of choice.

 Climbing on the Arches

 Sand Dune Arch.

 So tired, he fell asleep, mid-pick.

 Some petroglyphs

 National Monument, Grand Junction, CO (a mini Grand Canyon)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shepardson's Sock Hop 2014

1st Grade Wax museum

February/March Fun

 Tessa and I visited our community's mosque. She attempted to do cartwheels on the beautiful carpet as soon as we arrived.

 A chocolate butterfly
 Tessa made this bracelet for the milkman.
 Finny went to his first story time, by himself.
 All Finny's nursery rhyme crafts.
 Tessa's 1st spelling test.
Here is a link to Finny's knowledge of states and nursery rhymes - link

 Our solar panels
 Tessa's 1st soccer game.

 A chicken casualty - we "buried" her by the tracks, so a fox or raccoon could come take her away. This casualty helped us to realize that our wolfhound, Ruby is a covert chicken killer.

Tikitikitembo - a 1st Grade masterpice.

Here is a link to Tessa's Class performance of Tikitikitembo:


Tessa's 7th Birthday

 Ice Skating party with 7 friends.

 Lots and Lots of crazy fun!

Painting clay pots